Statement of Inclusivity

To: SEI Attendees and Future Attendees,

A year ago North Carolina passed legislation that repeals protections for the LGBT community. This action has elicited concern and confusion. The SEI Implementation Team and the two organizations that sponsor SEI – the Visual Resources Foundation and ARLIS/NA – want to state clearly our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. This is reflected in the joint statement of appropriate conduct for conferences, which we expect organizers and attendees to abide by for SEI as well.

We do not support this bill in any way and want to formally acknowledge any concerns you might have. We hope that the stand taken by our sponsor organizations, combined with local community responses in Chapel Hill (see below) will help reassure you that we are working very hard to create an environment of mutual acceptance and inclusivity.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Our respective contact information is available here:

SEI Co-Chairs:
Jesse Henderson
Nicole Finzer
Lesley Chapman
JJ Bauer

Community Responses:
The UNC Chancellor’s Office has offered an updated response to the campus. In addition, they suggest the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office and the LGBTQ Center as resources.

The UNC Chapel Hill LGBT Center has very recently updated their gender non-specific bathroom list:
We will provide a copy of this list to all attendees with closest bathrooms to SEI highlighted.

Chapel Hill passed a formal resolution against the bill:
Town of Chapel Hill Resolution against House Bill 2