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Read about the experience from past participants!

Feedback from SEI 2019 Participants

SEI 2019 Group Photo

“I really enjoyed SEI, even more than I had expected. I have used some of the concepts that I learned at my institution already. Thanks so much for all of your hard work. It was a great experience.”

“SEI is exactly what I needed. I can now speak the language of repositories and suggest projects based on what I learned at SEI. Even when the topics were over my head I hung in with a positive attitude. I know that when I need to learn a technical aspect of VRCs, I can locate the information, SEI gave me resources.”

“Overall I really enjoyed SEI most of the presentations were on topics unfamiliar to me but presented in understandable ways.”

“Overall, the whole week was quite WONDERFUL!! I learned a lot from the lectures that were helpful to me (digitization and repositories), and the conversations had during meals and breaks were enlightening.”

“You all did an amazing job. Thank you!”

Feedback from SEI 2018 Participants

“I loved my experience at SEI. I felt I was able to keep up with the material although I am still a student learning a lot of what this means. I was not expecting the curriculum to align so much with my education but in the context of visual resources and image management. On more than one occasion material popped up that I was already aware of but didn’t completely understand. The instructors and attendees did such a wonderful job providing more clarity in a way I could apply it professionally. I walked away with a lot of answers, more direct questions I can ask myself about my future, and great people I can add to my network pool. Definitely an unforgettable experience with informational resources I will use for many years to come.”

“On the whole, I found the level of complexity in the topics to be very well balanced for my knowledge and experience. And, although by the end of the week, I was quite tired — I would have been disappointed had the content been less challenging.”

“I found all of the sessions to be very valuable either for my current work or for my future work.”

“The instructors/hosts/everyone was very friendly. I enjoyed the small group. The group photo was a nice touch. Thank you for everything. I could tell a lot of effort and time was put into this.”

Feedback from SEI 2017 Participants


“All of the instructors were very insightful and brought a level of accessibility to the topics which was great.”

“I liked the conversational format of SEI. People felt like they could speak up if they had a question but also to add information from their own experiences to help others in attendance. The teachers were all really open to having a dialogue. The many real-world examples shown were also helpful.”

I loved the ‘Let’s Get Practical’ sessions at the end of each day. It was nice to have 1-2 hours at the end of each day to ask questions and kind of informally talk about how we could apply each presentation/session to what we do every day. I liked that we started off by discussing things casually and then moved into prepared case studies.” 

“Everyone who came to SEI had a great open mind and attitude to learn so the discussions were poignant and productive. The format of the discussion also helped break down some formality and helped us realized this is not a normal teacher-student situation, we are all colleagues.” 

“I liked that the instructors taught through experience rather than just texts. It was refreshing to have some practical- and experience-based teaching. When learning difficult concepts like copyright it was great to have experts using things which were relatable to my work and use.” 

“I especially loved the first workshop day. I learned so much about copyright that I had not known prior. Truly a helpful conference that I cannot wait to share.”

“I think many people could benefit from learning about the topics discussed. These things are a bit difficult to grasp, but once you are in a group environment with people from different backgrounds in a similar field, you all seem to understand things better.”

“If you’re the digital person in a library you’re usually the lone wolf; this experience was great because you got to meet so many people in the same boat and be instructed by people that had been through what we’re trying to learn to do.” 

The workshop was a great program, and I enjoyed the ability to talk with other professionals working in the field. New perspectives and networking.” 

“I thought overall the program was great and I really liked the fact that the co-chairs got involved whenever they thought they could help a situation along with regard to discussion.” 

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