Instructional Materials-2018-Pre-SEI

Intellectual Property: Nancy Sims, Tuesday, June 5

See Nancy’s SEI IP site here:
This site includes both pre-readings and materials for further reference before and after SEI 2018.

Workflow, Digitization Standards, & Process Monitoring: Jesse Henderson, Tuesday, June 5

Skim this document so that you are familiar with the name of it and the basics of what it contains – no need to read it, but just to be aware of it: Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Cultural Heritage Metadata

Metadata for Cultural Heritage Materials: Greta Bahnemann, Wednesday, June 6

NISO: Understanding Metadata: What is metadata and What is it for? by Jenn Riley

For reference during the workshop:

Metadata Packet (LINK)

Also, spend a bit of time reviewing the following websites:

DPLA – Digital Public Library of America

Getty Museum Vocabulary Program

Federal Agencies Digital Initiatives (FADGI)

Embedded Metadata: Greta Bahnemann, Wednesday, June 6

“Embedded Metadata, Part 1: The Basics and History”
Greg Reser and Johanna Bauman, Images: The Newsletter of the VRA, December 2009 vol.6, no.6 (scroll down to page 3 of the newsletter)
Explains what embedded image metadata is and how it developed from the need to easily share image files across applications.

Metadata Application: Greta Bahnemann, Wednesday, June 6

Minnesota Reflections Primary Source Sets

Rights Statements

Geospatial Discovery Task Force

Digital Preservation 101: Kevin Comerford, Wednesday, June 6

Chapter 2: Making the Case for Digital Preservation (LINK)
Brown, Adrian. Practical digital preservation : a how-to guide for organizations of any size. n.p.: Chicago : Neal-Schuman, an imprint of the American Library Association, 2013.

Digital Stewardship 101: Kate Thornhill, Thursday, June 7

Required Readings:

Harvey, Ross. “Introduction.” Digital Curation A How-To-Do-It-Manual, Neal Schumann Publishers, 2018, Pages 3-18.

Harvey, Ross. “Conceptual Models.” Digital Curation A How-To-Do-It-Manual, Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2010, Page 33-44.

Lazorchak, Butch. “Digital Preservation, Digital Curation, Digital Stewardship: What’s in (Some) Names?” The Signal, Library of Congress, May 4th, 2018.

“Digital Asset Management and Museums – An Introduction.” Government of Canada. August 27, 2017.

Recommended Readings:

Lavoie, Brian. “The Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Reference Model: Introductory Guide (2nd Edition).”, OCLC Research Digital Preservation Coalition Technology Watch Report 14-02, 2014 October

“Curation Reference Manual”. Digital Curation Centre, 2018.

Digital Assets Management & Digital Repositories: Kate Thornhill, Thursday, June 7

Required Readings:

“What is a repository?” JISC Repository Support Project. JISC. 2013.
“Types of Cloud Computing.” Amazon Web Services, Inc. Amazon Web Services. 2018.
“Digital Preservation Policy Framework: A Case Study.” Noonan, Daniel. Educause Review. Monday, July 28, 2014.
“Competencies Required for Digital Curation: An Analysis of Job Advertisements.” Kim, Jeonghyun, et. al. International Journal of Digital Curation. 2013.
“A Practical Guide to Improving Web Accessibility.”Ng, Cynthia. Weave Journal of Library User Experience. 2017.
“Surveying the Landscape: Use and Usability Assessment of Digital Libraries.” Chapman, Joyce et al. Open Science Framework, 19 Apr. 2016. Web.


Recommended Readings:


“NDSA:Digital Preservation in a Box.” National Digital Stewardship Alliance. DLF/NDSA. June 17, 2017.


Demystifying Digital Humanities: Mary Wise, Friday, June 8

“Demystifying Digital Humanities” (SLIDES)
Presentation from THATCamp!, January 13, 2018

“This is Why We Fight: Defining the Values of Digital Humanities.” Spiro, Lisa. In Debates in the Digital Humanities.

“All the digital humanists are white, all the nerds are men, but some of us are brave.” Bailey, Moya Z. Journal of Digital Humanities 1, no. 1 (2011): 1-1.

“Neoliberal tools (and archives): a political history of digital humanities.” Allington, Daniel, Sarah Brouillette, and David Golumbia. LA Review of Books (2016): 1-05.

Additional Resources (LINK)
These are NOT required readings for our session but instead are a list of additional resources on DH!

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