Instructional Materials-2018-Post-SEI

Intellectual Property: Nancy Sims

See Nancy’s SEI IP site here:
This site includes both pre-readings and materials for further reference before and after SEI 2018.

Workflow, Digitization Standards, & Process Monitoring: Jesse Henderson


Additional tools shared by SEI Participant, Lindsey Memory, from BYU:

Work Tracking in Google Sheets
From Lindsey:
Here is a link to a sample work tracker for our ContentDM repository, which shows one finished item and one larger, in-progress project. I left a few “comments” on various section that may help illuminate how we use the sheet.”

Automated QC using ExifTool
From Lindsey:
“Exiftool instructions look scary but ultimately, it’s just three actions typed into Mac’s Terminal and/or Windows’ Command Prompt, after which you get a beautiful, tab-delimited txt file capturing the technical metadata for hundreds of items at a time. In our lab, I run the tool after my students report to me that a project or a section of a project (like a box) is finished. I copy the txt information into Excel and use the filter view to see if any item in the project/box was:

  • Scanned at the wrong ppi
  • Scanned in the wrong bitdepth
  • Scanned using the wrong colorspace
  • Has an unusually small filesize (usually indicates a corrupt file)

in which case, I clear out our tracking spreadsheet and tell the students to rescan it. To use Exiftool, you must first download the program from here (the site looks like it was made in 1998, but do not be fooled. The tool is excellent). After downloading, here is a nice, clean Google Site explainer created by my colleague, which she is happy to share.”

Automated QC using ExifTool
If anyone is interested in looking at the FileMaker Pro database that Jesse shared during her presentation, please reach out to her for a copy. ( You will need to already have access to FileMaker Pro 15 or later to open it.

Metadata for Cultural Heritage Materials: Greta Bahnemann


Embedded Metadata: Greta Bahnemann


Metadata Application: Greta Bahnemann


Digital Preservation 101: Kevin Comerford

Slides and Handouts

Digital Assets Management & Digital Repositories: Kate Thornhill


Project Design 101: Justin Schull


Reverse Engineering Digital Projects: Justin Schull

Shared Notes

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