SEI 2019 Instructors

Greta Bahnemann
Greta Bahnemann

Greta Bahnemann, Metadata Librarian, Minnesota Digital Library, University of Minnesota
Classes: Metadata for Cultural Heritage Materials: Getting Your Feet Wet | Embedded Metadata: Swimming Out a Little Further | Metadata Practicum: Breaking the Ice on Practical Projects

Greta Bahnemann is the Metadata Librarian for the Minnesota Digital Library, a position she has held since 2010. At the Minnesota Digital Library, Greta is responsible for implementing current metadata standards and best practices for the Minnesota Digital Library’s primary project, Minnesota Reflections, a cultural heritage collection of more than 280,000 items. She has also spearheaded a number of innovative projects the Minnesota Digital Library, including the creation of the MDL Primary Source Sets project and the implementation of new Geospatial metadata standards. Greta holds an MA from the Winterthur Program in Early American Culture and a MLIS from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She has already been involved with SEI: as a co-chair in 2014-16, and now as a presenter.


Courtney Baron

Courtney Baron, Head of Library Teaching & Outreach Services, Oxford College, Emory University
Classes: Instructional Design & User Outreach

Courtney Baron is the Head of Library Teaching and Outreach Services at Oxford College of Emory University. She leads the Research Practices and Events teams and coordinates the information literacy instruction program and outreach initiatives for the Oxford College Library. She serves on a number of groups within the Emory Libraries, including the Information Literacy Framework Task Force, Assessment Integration Group, and Wikipedia Working Group. Courtney co-leads the Instructor Development Community of Practice (ID-COP), a working group for teaching librarians at Emory. At Oxford College, she serves on the Advisory Board for the Center of Academic Excellence and the International Students Advisory Committee.

She received her Bachelor of Arts dual degree in Classical Archaeology and Latin from the University of Georgia and a Master of Library and Information Science degree from Valdosta State University. Baron currently serves as the Co-Chair of the ARLIS/NA Archaeology and Classics SIG. She is the Junior Co-Chair of SEI and will be teaching the Instructional Design and Outreach module. Her research interests include feminist pedagogy, visual literacy, game-based learning, and providing library services to the arts and humanities.


Nicole Finzer

Nicole Finzer, Digital Curation Librarian, Northwestern University
Classes: Project Design | Project Design Practicum | Digital Preservation | Digital Preservation Practicum

Nicole is a Digital Curation Librarian at the Northwestern University (NU) in Evanston, Illinois. She has been in this position since 2015 and before that was Visual Resources Librarian from 2009 through 2014. Previously she was the Visual Resources Specialist at Bryn Mawr College from 2006 through 2008, and Assistant Curator of Visual Resources at Pennsylvania State University from 2004 through 2005. Prior to pursuing her MLS, she worked at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, and the Chicago History Museum. At NU Nicole serves on agile teams for developing and implementing software, is service owner on systems, assesses existing processes, does outreach with stakeholders across campus, and manages up to fifteen projects annually. She currently manages the largest grant funded ($300,000) digitization project awarded to the libraries. She recently completed her Project Management Certification and is part of the DPOE Trainer Network.

Nicole has an MLS from Indiana University Bloomington and a BFA in Art History and Printmaking from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has already been involved with SEI in many ways: as an attendee in 2005, as an instructor of Digital Preservation in 2014 and 2015, as a co-chair in 2016 through 2018, and now as an instructor, again.


Jesse Henderson

Jesse Henderson, Digital Services Librarian, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Classes: Project Design | Project Design Practicum | Digitization | Digitization Practicum

Jesse is a Digital Services Librarian at the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center (UWDCC) where she manages the production of digital assets for the collections. She has been in this position since late 2013. Previously she was the Visual Resources Curator at Colgate University from 2006 through 2013. At UWDCC Jesse manages a production team and the majority of projects that flow through their shop. She is responsible for working with stakeholders, upgrades and maintenance of reformatting equipment, as well as setting and implementing digitization standards. Additionally, her love of FileMaker Pro has helped to influence the way their team keeps track of projects as they flow through their shop, how handoffs are communicated, and how they gather statistics on tasks associated with digital production, which help to create cost estimates and production timelines.

Jesse has an MLIS from McGill University and a BA in Art from the University of Iowa. She has already been involved with SEI in many ways: as an attendee in 2007, as a co-chair in 2015-17, and as an instructor since 2017. 


Julie Rudder
Julie Rudder

Julie Rudder, Head, Repository Services Department, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Classes: DAMs and Digital Repositories: What is a repository and why do I need one? | DAMs and Digital Repositories Practicum: What kind of repository do I need and what services will we offer?

Julie Rudder is the Head of the Repository Services Department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries. In this role, Julie oversees the repository program which includes the service, content, and systems that support the preservation and access institutional repository collections and digital collections. Prior to this position she was the Digital Initiatives Project Manager at Northwestern University Library where she managed major technical development projects for the library’s repository system. In this role she served as Product Owner for the Avalon Media System, a collaborative project between Northwestern University Library and Indiana University Libraries.


Nancy Sims

Nancy Sims, Copyright Program Librarian, University of Minnesota
Classes: Intellectual Property | Intellectual Property Practicum

Nancy Sims is the University of Minnesota Library’s subject specialist on copyright issues.  She is both librarian and lawyer, has long experience working in academic libraries, and is fascinated by the pervasiveness of copyright issues in modern life.  Her role is to help individuals and groups throughout the University community understand how copyright affects their work.  She provides education on the copyright website and through workshop programming.  Nancy advocates for policies and practices that support sustainable scholarship, democratic information access, and wide public cultural participation.




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