About SEI

About SEI

SEI is a joint project of the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) and the Visual Resources Association Foundation (VRAF). SEI presents an overview of the digital life cycle in a broad range of topics, starting with designing and implementing a project to sharing the final product with others. This intensive three and a half-day workshop features a curriculum taught by expert instructors who cover:

  • Project Management
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property
  • Digitization
  • Metadata and Critical Cataloging
  • DAMs, Digital Curation, and Digital Repositories
  • Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusivity in Digital Collections
  • Digital Preservation
Metadata Class with instructor Greta Bahnemann
Metadata Class with instructor Greta Bahnemann

SEI is a fantastic learning and networking opportunity for students and professionals interested in creating and maintaining sustainable digital collections of cultural heritage materials. The workshop offers participants the chance to meet colleagues from various institutions who are facing similar challenges. Faculty and students share ideas and solutions to these challenges and make lasting professional connections. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from ARLIS/NA-VRAF, signed by the ARLIS/NA president and the VRA Foundation chair.

SEI is committed to creating and supporting inclusive, diverse, and equitable communities of practice. We invite you to read our Code of Conduct.

Feedback from Past Participants

“I really enjoyed SEI, even more than I had expected. I have used some of the concepts that I learned at my institution already. Thanks so much for all of your hard work. It was a great experience.”

“SEI is exactly what I needed. I can now speak the language of repositories and suggest projects based on what I learned at SEI. Even when the topics were over my head I hung in with a positive attitude. I know that when I need to learn a technical aspect of VRCs, I can locate the information, SEI gave me resources.”

“Overall, the whole week was quite WONDERFUL!! I learned a lot from the lectures that were helpful to me (digitization and repositories), and the conversations had during meals and breaks were enlightening.”

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